2020 Virtual SCALE Conference

Atlanta, GA: June 01, 2020. miRing™. See how you can become a safer injector and be more efficient in your practice when you visit us in our active demonstrations at this year’s SCALE Music City’s Virtual Conference for Aesthetic Medicine, Surgery and Dermatology. What that means to attendees is less wait time at the booth to learn more about miRing™; a revolutionary product. Have live chats with a miRing™ representative or schedule a chat at time convenient for you.

As a conference attendee you will receive big discounts and free shipping for your easy on-line ordering. Best of all, you will have the opportunity to enter a virtual raffle.

Sharon Wilber, spokesperson for the miRing™ says, “We look forward to seeing everyone at this year SCALE Music City Conference and are enthusiastic to see how attendees will like the virtual platform.”

Look for miRing™ products at the following aesthetic conferences for 2020:

Aesthetic Extender Symposium (AES): VIRTUAL August 6-9.

Aesthetic Next: September 9-12th, Dallas, TX.

International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses (ISPAN): October 15-18, San Mateo, CA.

Register for SCALE Music City Conference today and get 15% OFF through miRing USA. Use code: MIRING15

Go to:

Use Code: MIRING15 Get 15% registration

About miRing™

miRing™ is a company committed to bringing the aesthetic and medical community together through innovative products and resources. The miRing™, an innovative medical injector ring, is an FDA registered, patent-pending, high quality, anti-microbial silver ring device. miRing™ gives the injector the ability to make a one-handed aspiration which improves safety and accuracy. No shaky hands, no second-guessing proper placement and most of all, no switching hands to aspirate.

To learn more about miRing™ go to:

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miRing USA was develop by and for medical aesthetic injectors. The aesthetic industry is a rapidly growing industry and as innovators in this market it is our mission to stay current and bring the latest technology and resources to medical providers.

30-Day money back guarantee

Novel, patent pending and innovative medical device to aid in a one-handed aspiration and injection. Made in America.

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