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How miRing Works


miRing is a patented device developed for medical aesthetic injectors by a medical aesthetic injector, to aid in one-handed aspirations and injections.  

The aesthetic industry is a rapidly growing industry and as innovators in this market, it is our mission to stay current and bring you the latest technology and resources to medical providers.


miRing should be worn on the dominant injecting thumb with the open end pointing upward.

To size miRing, hold at the base and push in at the sides.  Place back on thumb making sure it is a snug fit.

Once sized to fit your thumb, take off and slide plunger of syringe down into open groove as shown.


Next slide miring and the syringe onto your thumb making sure to keep the plunger in place on the front of the thumb


Push the miRing down on to you thumb using the plunger shaft to where it feels most comfortable.


Test out alternate finger grips to find out which works best for you.


That’s all there is to giving yourself more accuracy and precision as well as a free hand.

Fits 99% Of All Aesthetic Syringes & Easy To Clean

When patients put their beauty in your hands,

you need miRing on your finger.

miRing fits 99% of all syringes including:


  • Juvederm

  • Restylane

  • Merz

  • Radiesse

  • Belatero

  • Versa

  • Bellafill

  • 3cc  BD Syringes

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