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When their beauty is in your hand...
miRing should be on YOUR thumb!


The NEW miRing Disposable

Medical Injector Ring

The ORIGINAL miRing Sterling Silver

Medical Injector Ring

Now you can aspirate a dermal filler with one-hand by using miRing, a patented and FDA registered syringe assist device. miRing is the original adjustable ring which can be used with most aesthetic syringes giving you the ability to make a simple one-handed aspiration. Fits over 99% of all aesthetic syringes and up to 5 cc BD syringes. 

Beautifully designed in sterling silver, miRinghas been skillfully thought out and mindfully engineered to be the best tool for any aesthetic injector. No more shaky hands, no second-guessing proper placement and most of all no switching hands to aspirate. 


Make your injections controlled, accurate and precise with miRing™. When their beauty is in your hands, miRing should be on your thumb! 

miRing's patented revolutionary design, gives you the most accurate and precise control over cosmetic aesthetic like never before.


With miRing's custom fitting and locking system, each syringe becomes an extension of your hand, allowing you to perform one-handed aspirations and giving you a free hand to ensure a proper procedure.


miRing is completely adjustable and fits comfortably over your thumb while securing the syringe plunger head.


miRing allows you to become more precise with difficult techniques and helps you to achieve expert results.

Completely adjustable to fit your thumb size creating a custom fit.

Secures syringe to your thumb for precise control and confidence.





Fits over 99% of aesthetic syringes on the market including: Allergan, Galderma, Merz, Bellafill, Versa and More!

How it works



Custom Fits You and Acts As Extension Of Your Hand

miRing customizes to your finger and securely attaches the syringe to your thumb.  No more slippage putting you in control where and how you inject. miRing keeps your hand steady for precise needle placement.  


Gives You A Free Hand For Complicated Injections

miRing frees up the non-injecting hand to lift or stabilize injection site, access hard-to-reach anatomy, protect sensitive areas or simply keep your patient calm, steady and assured during each procedure.

miRing Wipe 1.jpg

Fits 99% Of All Aesthetic Syringes & Easy To Clean

miRing is made of natural antimicrobial jewelry grade silver making it a durable medical device.  It is easily cleaned using Hibiclens, Caviships, alcohol or Autoclave. Comes with adaptor for smaller syringes.


Upcoming Events

  • 2023 FACE Conference & Exhibition in London, England
    Fri, Jun 30
    Intercontinental London - The O2
    Jun 30, 7:00 AM – Jul 01, 7:00 PM
    Intercontinental London - The O2, 1 Waterview Dr, London SE10 0TW, UK
    FACE Conference is the UK’s premier medical aesthetics conference and exhibition devoted to arming its delegates with the latest clinical information, practical tips, and updates in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine.



facesbydenise: "I don't inject without it. Best invention ever!

botoxandbourbon: "Best ever!!!! Can't do my job without it.

"This is a game changer!"


"miRing allows me stay focused on my skills and difficult angles"

"I really love miRing. I feel more secure with this device."



One-handed aspirations made EZ!

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