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miRing™ announced today their first-year proof of concept exceeded all expectations. The company’s innovative ring device allows users to perform an aspiration with one-hand rather than switching hands. The medical injector ring, called miRing™, was developed to promote safety and improve technique, by allowing the practitioner to inject and aspirate using only one-hand rather than switching hands. This simple improvement gives the practitioner more control, accuracy, precision and most of all improves patient safety by keeping the needle steady to ensure proper placement.

The novel device is trending on many media sight. Check out the following links to learn more and get promo codes for discounts.


Modern Aesthetics TV (MATV)


Virginia Keating, founder and aesthetic injector says, “as injector we are trained to aspirate to ensure we are not in unsafe areas of the face. Conventional training for aspiration is to use two hands and switching hands.

The unsteady action of switching hands with an aspiration can move needle placement causing a possible unsafe injection. With miRing™, the practitioner can keep exact needle placement by performing an aspiration and injection with the same hand which allows the non-injecting hand to be free to stabilize the patient.

This greatly improves safety and technique with delicate injections”

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