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You asked, we listened... miRing is Heading Across the Pond to the 2023 FACE Conference.

You asked, we listened... miRing is heading across the pond to the 2023 FACE CONFERENCE - Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition, June 30th - July 1, 2023. Come visit us at booth # A33. Now is your opportunity to to try both our sterling silver miRing AND the new disposable miRing. See why you never want to do another aspiration or injection without miRing!

Now you can aspirate with dermal fillers and do one-handed aspirations with miRing™, a patented and FDA approved injector ring. miRing is the ONLY adjustable device that can be used with all aesthetic syringes to give you the ability to make a simple one-handed aspiration. Fits over 99% of all aesthetic syringes and up to 5 cc BD syringes.

Beautifully designed in sterling silver, miRing™ has been skillfully thought out and mindfully engineered to be the best tool for any aesthetic injector. No more shaky hands, no second-guessing proper placement and most of all no switching hands to aspirate. Make your injections controlled, accurate and precise with miRing™. Your patients will thank you.

miRing's patented revolutionary design, gives you the most accurate and precise control over cosmetic aesthetic like never before.With miRing's custom fitting and locking system, each syringe becomes an extension of your hand, allowing you to perform one-handed aspirations and giving you a free hand to ensure a proper procedure.miRing is completely adjustable and fits comfortably over your thumb while securing the syringe plunger head. miRing allows you to become more precise with difficult techniques and helps you to achieve expert results.Completely adjustable to fit your thumb size creating a custom fit.Secures syringe to your thumb for precise control and confidence.

Not attending the conference, no worries. DM us and a representative will meet you at the venue for a demonstration and let you try miRing in person.

What is FACE Conference?

FACE Conference is the UK’s premier medical aesthetics conference and exhibition devoted to arming its delegates with the latest clinical information, practical tips and updates in the field of minimally invasive aesthetic treatments and anti-aging medicine.

FACE’s comprehensive program is delivered by over 150 national and international speakers ensuring practitioners receive high-level scientific content from true experts around the core services driving the aesthetic medicine market.

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